2 Minute Analysis

Is your company ready for a Real Time Graphical scheduling system? The answer is yes if you’re trying to tackle such challenges as: finding out a job is late when it’s already past due, working overtime to catch up and get done on time, padding delivery dates with additional days, referring to a spreadsheet to give out delivery dates.

Please take this 2-minute analysis and see if your shop is a prime candidate for optimal manufacturing performance.

Will more than one person actually schedule work?  Yes No
Will you need to import data from an existing ERP/MRP or business system ?  Yes No
Will you attach documents, (drawings, machine setup sheets, tooling & QC data) for shop floor staff?  Yes No
How many machines do you want to schedule?
How many jobs are active on the shop floor?
How many operations in a typical job?


Do you want real time visibility and information about delivery dates on all jobs active in your company?  Yes No
Do you want to create new jobs based on the data collected from existing jobs already in production?  Yes No
Do you want to view the real status of jobs – where they are, what is completed, actual completion date?  Yes No
Do you want a view only option for seeing the schedule, performing "what-if" tests?  Yes No
Do you want to optimize the schedule based on tooling, fixtures or types of material?  Yes No
Do you want to schedule "qualified staff" as well as machines?  Yes No
Do you want to create a job directly from an estimate?  Yes No
Do you want to automatically generate a bar code shop traveler, with routing and material requirements?  Yes No
Do you want to generate cost estimates and quotes from routings and email directly to customers?  Yes No
Do you want to receive notification of jobs that will be late BEFORE they are late?  Yes No
Do you want to generate repeatable business automatically?  Yes No
Is managing available work center capacity important to you?  Yes No
Is splitting jobs to effectively manage your workflow important to you?  Yes No
Is scheduling to minimize WIP important?  Yes No


Do you want to view actual times per operation vs. estimated times?  Yes No
Do you want to automatically generate a bar code shop traveler, containing routings and material requirements?  Yes No
Do you want your shop floor to view a real-time "Active-Work-List" of jobs to do in priority order?  Yes No


Do you have a need to track the cost of materials for a specific job?  Yes No
Do you need the ability to log employee time against jobs – direct or indirect hours?  Yes No
Do you want to track labor time?  Yes No
Is using your workstations to their most productive capacity with an advanced visual scheduling system important?  Yes No
Is it important to you to know what every job costs with the ability to compare estimated to actual time?  Yes No


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