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Machine Tool Event Monitoring

JobPack LiVE provides 15% more run time from your CNC machines!! JobPack brings to the next level web based solutions, providing uncompromising performance keeping you in touch of current machine events and conditions; – all the time, anywhere, on any device!

Real Time Critical Process Data
Jobpack provides an active process to record
and manage your cycle times, machine idle time and scrap
levels, automatically, unattended and error free.

ROI In Less Than 12 Months Is Typical
JobPack has advanced technology and uses the latest
Apple, Android and Windows operating systems to
provide you with critical data dynamically "on the move"
– so you can make better decisions.

Analysis And OEE Reports – On Demand
By analyzing data real time, instant decisions that
improve performance can be made. Production
Reports for OEE, or customer specific are generated
"on the fly."

Let JobPack LiVE Machine Tool Monitoring provide you with the edge you need.
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  • JobPack Software Solutions Offer:
  • JobPack Serves:
    • • Job-shops with make-to-order requirements
    • • Plastic Injection Molding companies
    • • Automotive suppliers maintaining stock levels
    • • Aerospace manufacturing with tracability
  • JobPack Technical Support Includes:
    • • Online Software Upgrades
    • • Priority Phone Support with Experienced Staff
    • • On-Site Engineers if Required
    • • Consultation About Your Customized Needs
    • • Continuous Service Agreements
  • JobPack Specializes in:
    • • Providing the Highest Quality Shop Productivity Solutions
    • • Developing Innovative Customer Driven Production Software
    • • Offering Flexible, Cost Effective Modular Solutions
    • • Delivering The Top Manufacturing Software Solution Available