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Q: Will your system let me book WIP at end of shift and before the batch has been completed?
A: Yes, interim WIP booking is possible, the mid-batch update quantity will be reflected in the scheduler.
Q: Can I have more than one person running the scheduler?
A: Typically you can only have one active master scheduler user, other users can collaborate using View or Visualization. If the shop is two or more separate work domains a single instance scheduler can replicate this with our Foreman/Sub scheduling option then each area can be planned separately.
Q: Have I got to re-enter all my work orders and routing data into your scheduler?
A: No, we can build a real-time interface to your ERP system to derive the information it needs, this can run at stepped intervals or ad-hoc.
Q: Am I going to have to buy lots of your consulting time to get the solution working and running?
A: This is not usually the case, generally our users are up and running within a week to 10 days with training.
Q: Will I need to keep the paper job card on the shop floor?
A: Yes, you will. The job card no longer needs to be used as the driver for WIP booking as our real-time work queues handle this, keep the paper job card as the ID/traveler with the batch for manual recording and archive.
Q: Is it complicated to use, are my planning people going to struggle?
A: The scheduler has a simple intuitive GUI with rich functionality, the system is operated and driven by icons, clicks and drag-and-drop features, normal Windows type operation.
Q: Why do I need DNC, can I deliver my NC programs direct to the machine via Ethernet??
A: Our DNC solution provides a layer for the controlled distribution and handling of the NC data with production Status or condition. Every NC file transfer (download and upload) transaction is logged providing your business with the tracking and history supporting your QA compliance.
Q: Why do I need machine monitoring, my operators fill out their activity record every day?
A: Our real-time machine monitoring will precisely record the status of every machine and the operator activity with down time reasons. The machine status can be reported in real-time and our analysis tools provide the performance management information (the truth), revealing the non-productive time and to what it is attributable. Our real-time machine monitoring can support lights-out manufacture where production-stop events can trigger a system Alert via SMS or Email to your stand-by team.
Q: What ERP/MRP systems are your system compatible with or able to integrate?
A: Any system that runs on an industry standard database – ie Microsoft SQL, Oracle.
Q: What databases are supported with your product?
A: JobPack runs on Microsoft SQL server – all editions.
Q: Is your system compatible with SAP?
A: JobPack can provide integration with SAP via iDOCs or our EAI module.
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    • • Aerospace manufacturing with tracability
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