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LiVE Manufacturing:
Performance And Event Status in Real-Time

In today’s economic environment, the number one driving force for performance management is the reduction of operating costs. In order to effectively accomplish this goal, you must close the performance loop by gaining visibility across production, inventory and assets.

In this optional module, you can quickly and conveniently view performance, event and status data variables – machines, operators, work orders, operations, quantities, quality, and production performance – right from your desktop, live in real time. You can display and combine these three values:

  • • RESOURCES – machine, operator, shift and time
  • • JOB-ORDER – part number, operation, good and bad quantities, quantity remaining
  • • UTILIZATION – target efficiency, efficiency in current shift, today’s efficiency

LiVE Manufacturing provides accurate data for your company’s lean manufacturing initiative, with a graphical layout of your shop floor operations – in total or by department. Each piece of equipment can be instantly viewed along with data on its current condition, its operator, what job is running, how long it’s been running, how many parts have been manufactured, how many have been scrapped and why.

This LiVE data is stored in the JobPack SQL database for analysis and LiVE up-to-the-minute reports are available on demand for production time, efficiency, OEE, and quality.

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  • JobPack Serves:
    • • Job-shops with make-to-order requirements
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    • • Aerospace manufacturing with tracability
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