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Products for Planning Production

The more complex your planning production processes, the more vital it is to effectively balance demand and production. To satisfy your customers and retain their business, you must commit yourself to higher productivity levels, increased volumes, more efficiently managed inventory, lower operational costs, and more attentive customer service.

JobPack understands that operating a make-to-order (MTO) or mixed mode manufacturing business involves more than just what you create on the shop floor. It includes proactively managing the order entry, planning and optimizing your production plan and operation processes to meet customer delivery dead lines while maintaining and improving profit margins.

The Production Planning module of JobPack is a powerful and yet easy-to-use option used in job shops worldwide. It’s loaded with innovative tools that will help you take control of planning work orders, estimating, generating shop travelers, and much more. You can count on JobPack to take care of the details of running your shop floor and provide you with information in real time as to maintaining profit levels, and eliminating inefficiencies.

You can easily generate and track all customer or prospect quotes from the time of receipt until an order is placed. Calculate all material, sub-contract, labor and machine hour costs, plus enter multiple quantities of a part with options on using data from the last time you quoted or ran the job, a similar item, or from a job template. Add any additional charges, such as tooling or design charges, that can either be quoted separately or added into the job prices.

Order Management & Administration

DNC and Wireless DNC Solutions

Paperless Manufacturing

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  • JobPack Software Solutions Offer:
  • JobPack Serves:
    • • Job-shops with make-to-order requirements
    • • Plastic Injection Molding companies
    • • Automotive suppliers maintaining stock levels
    • • Aerospace manufacturing with tracability
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