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JobPack develops production management software solutions for manufacturers like you, based on our 25 years of experience in manufacturing systems based on the re-use of data.

Our staff understands the increasing pressures that manufacturers face in the real world, the way people collaborate, and the rapid results you demand. Our production management solutions are simple to implement and comprehensive in use to provide extra value for your dollar.

Continuous service and support at the lowest cost in the industry

Our goal is to always be behind you to help you protect your initial investment of JobPack production management software. Our continuous service and support agreements deliver a fixed minimum cost for day-to-day service, and protection against obsolescence with annual upgrades as part of our CSA.

Technical support for JobPack system solutions... your way.

All JobPack systems solutions include...

  • • Priority telephone support
  • • An engineer on site if required
  • • Annual software upgrades
  • • Free access to software updates via website links
  • • Continuous service agreement (CSA) for ongoing support and protection against obsolesence

Talk to us about your customized needs.

Since no two manufacturing environments are alike, we can configure our software and scripts to meet your specific customer needs, including database connectivity and system customization. Just ask us for a detailed consultation.

  • JobPack Software Solutions Offer:
  • JobPack Serves:
    • • Job-shops with make-to-order requirements
    • • Plastic Injection Molding companies
    • • Automotive suppliers maintaining stock levels
    • • Aerospace manufacturing with tracability
  • JobPack Technical Support Includes:
    • • Online Software Upgrades
    • • Priority Phone Support with Experienced Staff
    • • On-Site Engineers if Required
    • • Consultation About Your Customized Needs
    • • Continuous Service Agreements
  • JobPack Specializes in:
    • • Providing the Highest Quality Shop Productivity Solutions
    • • Developing Innovative Customer Driven Production Software
    • • Offering Flexible, Cost Effective Modular Solutions
    • • Delivering The Top Manufacturing Software Solution Available