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Companies in all areas of manufacturing including aerospace, automotive, job-shops and print/packaging, can typically expect an ROI of less than one year with increased efficiency and reduced waste due to better planning and visibility, plus much improved customer service and support with on time deliveries and prompt customer response times.


“JobPack provides real time data “on demand” at the point of use, right at the machine, our machine operators know what job they will do next, right up to the second, with active work lists displayed at the machine updated in real time from our planners. This gives me confidence that we are working to an accurate time plan – no guess work.”

Kevin Smith – Production Director Abundant MfgInc

“With JobPack we can see if a job is running behind BEFORE it’s late. That makes for good customer service and allows us to keep up with customer demands.”

BodiMicalovic – President Profab Plastics

JobPack Production

“We are able to control Work Flow and respond positively to customer demands.”

Rick Johnson – Senior Manf Engineer, Cryovac Corp

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