For companies who have an existing-legacy ERP system, JobPack adds finite graphical scheduling functionality via our Enterprise Application Integrator (EAI) EAI is a proprietary database mapping tool specifically designed and configured to extract data from the ERP database, massage and format the data, if required, and populate the JobPack scheduler SQL database.

This is an “out of the box” integration solution that can be further customized and refined by JobPack engineers to suit the individual, specific requirements of installed ERP systems.

With the ability to take action on data, and transfer it on a timed or frequency basis, existing data is “re-used” and duplication of effort eliminated in populating JobPack.

EAI works both ways for upstream and downstream data transfer. Data collected by, and formulated within the JobPack scheduler, such as actual run times, quantities and real delivery dates based on finite capacity, can be stored in extended SQL tables, taking into account the specific business rules set by the user. This provides a completely integrated end to end manufacturing solution with the cushion of having the ERP system rules applied to the data in JobPack ensuring smooth data transfer and avoiding duplication of manual data entry

EAI allows you to extract data using “standards” such as ODBC drivers and XML, or custom methodologies to preload the JobPack Scheduler or up-date the database on a daily or hourly basis. JobPack runs on MS -SQL Server and the complete database structure is accessible open and documented