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Connect to every machine for real-time visibility of how the entire shop floor is performing.

Machine Monitoring

Not knowing puts you at risk, evaluate and enhance productivity on the shop floor while minimizing critical productivity losses.

Maintaining your competitive edge in the global manufacturing market means producing more efficiently than your competition, therefore it is essential to have a true and accurate picture of your manufacturing resource activity.

JobPack®’s Machine Monitoring Software visually enables you to quickly identify, evaluate and enhance productivity on the shop floor while minimizing critical productivity losses.

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Machine Monitoring Data Collection

Being connected to every machine gives you a deeper understanding and real-time visibility of how the entire shop floor is performing, enabling you to decrease machine downtime, reduce errors, minimize waste, and increase productivity.

Each Operation and status change can be derived automatically (e.g. Cycle start or alarm condition) via digital signals received from the machine tool, providing continuous recording of production times, including time, and reasons for non-productivity

Operators can manually enter additional operating conditions and status changes by selecting from 64 user defined activities on the local PC screen (e.g. waiting parts) using our simple Interface.

Full traceability of all machine activities that are recorded with a date/time stamp, along with the duration of each event in the system.

The machine activities can be viewed as an event list or exported for evaluation and further analysis to identify reasons for inefficiency, lost productivity, and help to reduce maintenance costs.

We can support a dual installation of direct Ethernet based machine data acquisition and traditional digital I/O.

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JobPack® gives us better accuracy on delivery promises. But even more important is that when there are problems, we see them weeks before projects are due so we have time to take action
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Machine Monitoring

CNC Machine Performance Analysis

The last thing you want to be doing is guessing or using imprecise methods to track the productivity of your machines. JobPack® provides real-time, deep-dive reporting to help make informed adjustments and execute plans based on real metrics day-to-day, year-over-year:

  • Reduce waste, downtime and cycle times
  • Increase capacity on all assets
  • Improve quality
  • Boost on-time delivery
  • Use your own ERP data like it is supposed to be used
  • Enhance reporting of KPIs, utilization, and performance
Machine Monitoring

JobPack AIR

JobPack AIR is an essential web-based solution that can provide in a modular format, production scheduling data and work queues, planning information, and machine analytics that can be used on any device with a browser, resulting in a versatile platform requiring minimal computing resources. You can purchase the modules you need right now and add on to the system later as you begin to save money and increase productivity with each step.

  • Quickly and easily connects to support your valuable resources with minimal disruption to production.
  • Extends visibility and control of your production work orders.
  • Fast, easy, and light. JobPack AIR makes your entry point onto the Industry 4.0 readily accessible, delivering actionable insights into your manufacturing production activity and performance.
  • Multi-tasking, multi-functional, and open information to meet the demands of the modern manufacturing environment.
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