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Digital transformation and the advantage it provides is less difficult and more affordable than you think.

Industry 4.0

Your Industry 4.0 journey has begun…

JobPack® has been specializing in digital solutions since 1992, so we understand the importance of connecting the right data with the right people to make informed decisions. We also know that optimizing the productivity of your manufacturing resources is critical. That’s why we recommend companies look to the shop floor first to understand the tangible and quantifiable benefits of digitization.

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Industry 4.0

A modular solution.

JobPack® offers a modular solution because we believe that to realize the full benefits of any digitization program it’s important to identify and address your most critical areas first. As well as being high risk, wholesale change is highly disruptive.

With this modular approach you can start building your solution with any of our modules and use the insight that they provide to determine your best next steps for improvement and/or investment. It’s a process of continuous improvement, and one with enough flexibility to future-proof you for ongoing industry changes.

Our solution also enables you to integrate with your existing business systems such as ERP for frictionless processing of orders from start to finish.

Industry 4.0

Manufacturing intelligence.

The manufacturing intelligence data from JobPack will enrich your business and logistics processes and bring them closer to the production line. In today’s highly competitive and fast changing market, the technologies behind Industry 4.0 need to be accessible to all manufacturing organizations. Independent of size, all companies face common challenges such as on-time delivery, profitability, improved stock control, increased visibility and productivity.

Recognizing this, our solution is fully scalable, making it accessible to smaller companies with limited resources through to larger organizations running thousands of operations and with dedicated IT. It also means that you can benefit from our experience and best practice advice from working with companies at all stages in their growth lifecycle and across industry sectors.

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