Manual planning and scheduling of your production manufacturing resources and operations is a time consuming, difficult task. This is because of the volume of information needed to be considered to create a semi-accurate production schedule. Manual methods also make it difficult to respond in a timely manner to unplanned events that cause disruptions and affect critical delivery dates. This includes machine stoppages or unplanned maintenance, hot jobs, rush orders, material shortages, and unreliable lead times. JobPack’s production planning and scheduling system allows production manufacturing organizations to produce workable, accurate production schedules that can deliver results that help to increase profits and keep customer service levels high.

Fast & Flexible Manufacturing Planning Software

The JobPack Real Time Scheduler provides a powerful and easy to use production planning and scheduling solution that generates accurate schedules based on your actual capacity, material and delivery requirements. This means that you can:

  • Improve machine efficiency
  • Reduce lead times
  • Reduce manufacturing costs by minimizing inventory
  • Get real time alerts on potential problems and take remedial and corrective action to avoid late deliveries
  • Respond quickly to customer requests with real time visibility of live production information and KPI performance analysis dashboards
  • Identify unused capacity and respond positively to new sales opportunities
  • Reduce subcontract and outsourcing costs by maximizing the utilization of your current equipment

Finite Capacity: Accurate and Realistic

The JobPack Scheduler enables you to manage workplaces, define standard hourly rates, individual workplace efficiency and shift start times, to create a realistic model of your actual capacity.

  • Create a realistic model of available capacity – manage workplaces, define maximum and minimum hourly rates and individual work place efficiency.
  • Manage and control routing information required for scheduling, e.g. material, operation numbers, resource(s), set-up and component cycle times.
  • Administer operational constraints – set rules for production such as no overlap of operations or optimizing similar jobs to minimize set-up times

Visual Production Planning

The JobPack Scheduler is a highly visual manufacturing planning software solution. Its unique graphical planning board enables users to visualize resource utilization and availability across the entire shop floor in real time.

  • Powerful color coding provides a clear visual indicator of the status of current WIP and the potential impact of unexpected changes to machine workload
  • Create “what if” scenarios using easy drag and drop features. This is a reliable and safe method of evaluating and forecasting results of alternative plans, as the main schedule is not affected until a scenario is put into action via JobPack’s unique “snap shot” feature

“The visibility of upcoming capacity provided by JobPack’s  planning and scheduling software is fantastic. It allows us to confidently decide whether to take work on and promise delivery dates we can expect to meet. It has also helped us improve our throughput and the overall volume of work we process in a year has increased by 17%.”

Nick Phillips, Manufacturing Manager

Ilmor Engineering