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The following questions will define your perfect production scheduling solution

You already know your company needs to get past the bottlenecks. The solution is to step up to a real-time graphical production scheduling system. Answer these quick questions, and one of our team members will contact you to schedule an online JobPack® demonstration customized to your needs.

Help us customize your Live Demo:

Current Methods
1. Will you need to import data from an existing ERP/MRP or business system?
Yes   No

2. What is the name of your current ERP system?

3. Have you tried any other scheduling tools? If so, which ones?

4. Do you have an existing system to start/stop jobs on the shop floor?
Yes   No

5. How many machines do you want to schedule?

6. How many jobs are active on the shop floor?

7. How many operations in a typical job?

8. What is your time frame to implement a solution?

9. Has there been a recent event that caused you to inquire about a scheduling solution?
Yes   No
Production Scheduling
10. Do you want real-time visibility and information about delivery dates on all jobs active in your company?
Yes   No

11. Do you want to view the real status of jobs – where they are, what is completed thus far, and actual completion date?
Yes   No

12. Do you want a “view-only” option for seeing the schedule, performing “what-if” tests?
Yes   No

13. Do you want to schedule “qualified staff” as well as machines?
Yes   No

14. Do you want to automatically generate a barcode shop traveler, with routing and material requirements?
Yes   No

15. Do you want to receive notifications of late jobs BEFORE they are late?
Yes   No
Reporting and Analytics
16. Do you want to compare actual times per operation vs. estimated times?
Yes   No

17. Would you like to attach files for viewing electronically to eliminate paper on shop floor?
Yes   No

18. Would you like to have web-based dashboards?
Yes   No

19. Do you want your shop floor to view a real-time active work list of jobs in priority order?
Yes   No
Management Solutions
20. Do you need the ability to log employee time against jobs (direct or indirect hours)?
Yes   No

21. Do you want to track labor time?
Yes   No

22. Do you want to use an advanced visual scheduling system on your workstations?
Yes   No
Machine Monitoring
23. Would you like to view machine status in real time?
Yes   No

24. Would you like to gather machine uptime and downtime?
Yes   No

25. Would you like to see machine running data such as speeds, feeds, spindle loads, etc.?
Yes   No

26. Would you like to track machine alerts?
Yes   No
27. What method do you use today to get programs to the machine?

28. Are you looking to refine your DNC capabilities?
Yes   No
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