JobPack production scheduling, machine monitoring and analytics software - ERP

Be Smarter. Be Faster.

Machine Monitoring

Keep a close eye on shop productivity

Maintaining your competitive edge in the global market means producing more efficiently than your competition. To do this you must decrease downtime, reduce errors, and minimize scrap. JobPack® software's machine monitoring features help you achieve this by providing you with access to a mountain of data. Your machines are talking, listen to them.

Real-time course corrections

It's easy to tell if a machine is down or not: just look at it. But JobPack® helps you find out the whys and hows about your machine downtime. Also, it's easy to tell how long a machine takes to complete a job: again, just watch it. But JobPack® helps you find out if jobs are taking longer than they need to. You can't do that with just your eyes, or by poring over a spreadsheet. Any deviation from predefined targets can be amended in real time for a more efficient and leaner production process.

“Not knowing” puts you at risk

Time is money on the shop floor. The last thing you want to be doing is guessing or using imprecise methods to track the productivity of your machines. JobPack® provides real-time, deep-dive reporting to help make informed adjustments and execute plans based on real metrics day-to-day, year-over-year:

  • Reduce waste, downtime, and cycle times
  • Increase capacity on all assets
  • Improve quality
  • Boost on-time delivery
  • Use your own ERP data like it is supposed to be used
  • Enhance reporting of KPIs, utilization, and performancey
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