JobPack can add Real-Time Scheduling to your ERP system

INTEGRATED ERP - JobPack Production Scheduling

The most important characteristic of ERP systems, is that they are built on a single comprehensive database to share information across the enterprise and provide a solution to all aspects of a company’s needs. However, more ERP end users are finding that specific, specialized applications from their ERP vendor are lacking. Scheduling in a production manufacturing environment is one of these applications that every ERP vendor has as a module, but typically doesn’t meet expectations or provide the details required to provide real time accurate delivery dates.

JobPack Scheduling is the missing piece of the puzzle

Maximize your current ERP Investment

In order to maximize and protect your existing ERP investment, and re-use the existing data in your ERP system, JobPack has developed an open source, standards based, integration solution that enables manufacturing and routing data to be easily transferred from your current ERP system directly to JobPack, providing an integrated manufacturing solution that offers Real Time Graphical Production Scheduling

Execute a TOTAL manufacturing solution

JobPack’s Graphical Scheduler provides REAL DELIVERY DATES, instantly and in real time. At a glance, late jobs are displayed, bottlenecks identified, stoppages are recognized. Because JobPack® operates in real time, actions taken by manufacturing staff, dictated by real world events, are reflected in the system instantly. JobPack® is a finite production scheduler that takes actual capacities into account. Proprietary WorkFlow technology can optimize throughput times and make sure you adhere to delivery dates and defined capacity utilization.

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