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Providing the best production scheduling and production management solutions at a cost effective price is at the heart of what we do. As an MES vendor, we understand that today’s manufacturers – including CNC and manual machining, assembly and test areas – are seeking better ways to plan, schedule, execute, and monitor their business to gain the competitive edge, maintain delivery targets and control manufacturing costs

Our goal – plain and simple – is to help you maximize efficiency, minimize production time, and control costs through innovative solutions and the Re-use of data. We’ve helped manufacturing companies control and keep technology costs to pre-defined budgets and compete effectively even during challenging economic times.

Add your own modules in any order, at any time – customized to your needs.

JobPack’s powerful modules are easy to deploy. From stand-alone multi-level real-time scheduling, to a complete MES solution – including data collection and document access/viewing and control – you can install and deploy JobPack production management solutions in any order that makes sense from a cost and functionality standpoint.

Our software solutions can help you accomplish all this…

  • Integrate all aspects of production operations – seamlessly
  • Accommodate multiple scheduling “what if” scenarios.
  • Generate real-time production schedules and customize them to meet your company’s changing needs.
  • Provide valuable insights into your production scheduling with advanced reporting.
  • Empower you to more accurately cost and estimate projects.
  • Improve your workflow through graphical work queues, machine tool monitoring, and data collection.
  • Keep “green” with paperless manufacturing, document access and control with ISO quality and traceability.

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