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Our certified partners are as committed to helping manufacturers achieve measurable improvements as we are. More than 1100 industrial companies worldwide – mold and die makers, machine builders, plant constructors, apparatus engineers, metal processors, precision mechanics producers, plastic molders, automotive and aerospace suppliers, and more – are using JobPack® solutions to improve efficiency and productivity.

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Fauser AG is a leading software manufacturer and solutions provider for growing manufacturing industrial enterprises. The company develops and supports software solutions for enterprise resource planning (JobDISPO MES), manufacturing data collection (JobDISPO MDC), and enterprise application integration (JobDISPO EAI). JobPack® is known in Europe as JobDISPO. Fauser AG provides the central database development and application for the JobPack® Production Suite.

Seiki Systems Ltd. Logo

Seiki Systems Ltd. is a leading developer of Data Collection and Analysis Software systems and specializes in producing systems that maximize CNC productivity. Formed in 1992 as a division of Hitachi Seiki UK, the company is now an integral part of the Kernard Engineering Group, and provides the main analysis and data acquisition component for the JobPack® Production Suite.

The Manufacturing-Alliance Logo

The Manufacturing-Alliance combines expert knowledge in the area of production technology, with the newest software and hardware solutions in one international network. This combination is made up out of well-known production specialists who offer solutions to increase flexibility, improve quality and boost your productivity. All-in-one. Everything with system and vision.

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Intel is a world leader in CPU design and manufacture, as well as a JobPack® customer and user. As an Intel Software partner, we are able to develop and deploy our manufacturing solutions to take advantage of the latest developments and architecture delivered by this trusted technology giant.

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