Production Scheduling and Machine Monitoring for Manufacturers

Goodbye spreadsheets: Introducing the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) that will have you raising your on-time delivery rates along with your bottom line.

Real-time manufacturing insights for production scheduling and machine monitoring.

Across the country, manufacturers large and small are facing a common problem: operations on their shop floor don’t align with the tight production schedules they created on paper. There are simply too many unknowns to account for, and without real-time feedback on job status, few businesses can hope to accurately gauge their capacity—or meet critical delivery dates.

JobPack resolves these challenges by tackling the root cause: lack of data. With planning tools that account for every variable and up-to-the-minute machine monitoring, manufacturers can create schedules that match their operations, forecast capacity, and improve their overall efficiency.

Achieve Complete Production Visibility. Ready to see what our software can do? We’re happy to give you the guided tour.

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Achieve Complete Production Visibility.

Eric Wilhelm - KVI Ultra Precision Tooling & EDM
JobPack gives us better accuracy on delivery promises. But even more important is that when there are problems, we see them weeks before projects are due, so we have time to take action.
Eric Wilhelm, President
KVI Ultra Precision Tooling & EDM
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How can Jobpack affect your overall operations?

JobPack is more than a helpful piece of software. It’s a transformative tool that can directly impact your bottom line by reducing expenses from running overtime or contracting work out, building customer confidence through improved delivery rates, and eliminating unplanned downtime and other waste.

  • On-time Delivery Rate
  • Throughput
  • Capacity
  • Efficiency
  • Bottom Line
  • Bottlenecks
  • Overtime
  • Downtime
  • Waste
  • Operational Costs
Brian Dodsworth - Bluco Corporation
We simply couldn’t run our dynamic and growing manufacturing operations without JobPack.
Brian Dodsworth, Director of Sales Operations
Bluco Corporation

Key Features

Detailed scheduling tools.

Specify run times, setup times, inspection periods, days and hours of operation, service details for suppliers and outside contractors, and more.

Scenario planning.

Run “what-if” scenarios to test different production schedules. Seamlessly revert to the previous schedule without disrupting operations.

Visually intuitive.

Color-coded interfaces allow users to identify project status at a glance. Drag-and-drop scheduling makes it easy to adjust jobs.

Real-time notifications.

Set triggers to notify team members when a machine is down, when critical inventory is running low, or when a job is falling behind schedule.

Machine analytics.

Gather machine performance data and compare reports to identify bottlenecks and optimize utilization.

ERP integration.

JobPack connects with every system, and can even be customized to fit unique use cases or specialized workflows.

Paperless workspace.

Fully digital packets keep production data in one place, eliminating clutter in the work environment and reducing costs for paper, toner, and storage.
Brad Gunn - Ruelco
At first, we had a non-automated process on paper. But once we had grown big enough to staff production manager, engineering, and machine operator roles, we needed to communicate the status of jobs to everyone. JobPack gives us a streamlined production methodology more based on how much time we have and what we need, as opposed to working from out-of-date spreadsheets.
Brad Gunn, Operations Manager
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Benefits from the front office to the shop floor

JobPack is a graphical scheduler offering manufacturers live oversight of their entire production process. It delivers feedback about resource use, equipment automation, and run time while providing visibility into future workload and customer commitments.

Operations Manager

For the Owner

  • Improved on-time delivery rates
  • Reduced overtime expenses
  • Visibility into customer commitments and production capacity
  • Machine utilization data for capital expense planning
Operations Manager

For the Manager

  • “What-if” scenario planning
  • Transparency around job status
  • Reduced bottlenecks and delays
  • High-level overview of operations
  • Insight into upcoming projects for efficient inventory management
Operations Manager

For the Scheduler

  • Robust and accurate planning tools
  • User-friendly interfaces
  • Optimized maintenance scheduling
Operations Manager

For the Operator

  • Digital packets for paper-free work zone
  • Prioritization of production schedules
  • Cloud-based access across any device
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What Manufacturing Software Do You Need?

Interested in learning more? We’ve written a comparison guide to help you understand the differences between the production scheduling and machine monitoring capabilities of a purpose-built MES like JobPack and other manufacturing software solutions on the market.


Download the Comparison Guide