JobPack production scheduling, machine monitoring and analytics software - ERP

Be Smarter. Be Faster.

Data Analytics

You're sitting on a mountain of data

The information you need to boost efficiency and profitability is in your shop right now. JobPack® makes it visible so you can interpret it and act on it. JobPack® collects, analyzes, and reports on the smallest bits of data and integrates with your own ERP systems to help you see the biggest picture. You'll be more precise, more accurate, and more productive. Don't just track performance, diagnose it. Don't just guess about utilization, forecast it. JobPack® brings meaning to data so you can accelerate project and unleash potential.

Start with the right information

To make effective decisions about manufacturing execution, you need information. And you have to ask the right questions about that data. Are jobs taking longer than they should? If so, why? Are we missing orders? Where might we be losing money? JobPack® helps you analyze job, machine, and staffing data so you can perform smarter and faster.

Early and late job completion data
Early detection and root cause analysis

Shift-to-shift productivity can easily be diagnosed at-a-glance. Does the first shift outperform the third shift on a specific type of job? You would never be able to make an adjustment like that with a spreadsheet. When you can quickly detect root causes for potential delays and remove them, you accelerate production and increase revenue.

Gauge displaying shift duration and actual production time
End-of-Day Reports

Track short-term progress and on-time delivery so you can keep your jobs flowing and your customers satisfied.

End-of-Month Reports

Review what effects your improvements have had and make further course corrections if needed.

End-of-Year Reports

Make overarching adjustments to your shop floor to boost efficiency and streamline operations.

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