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Production Scheduling

Graphical production scheduling in real time

Spreadsheets just won't cut it anymore. Planning and scheduling your production manufacturing resources and operations shouldn’t be left to a spreadsheet. It's outdated as soon as you print it. The amount of information to track is simply too great. And what do you do if you have an unplanned machine stoppage, a rush order from your biggest customer, or a material shortage? The visually intuitive interface of JobPack® software can accommodate real-time scheduling based on your actual capacity, material, ERP data, and delivery requirements.

Welcome to what-if scheduling

The Planning Board view lets you to see the impacts of production schedule adjustments without actually affecting the real-time operations of your shop. Try out a number of potential schedules until you find the perfect one that optimizes your workflow.

Production Planning Board displaying moving jobs
Actual capacity. Realistic models.

JobPack® gives you visibility into your actual capacity by helping you more tightly manage the shop floor. You can administer operational constraints, such as setting rules for production regarding the overlap of operations and optimizing similar jobs to minimize set up times.

Planned vs Actual Chart
Benefits of real-time planning
Live View of Machine Status

When you plan your shop based on your actual capacity, material, and delivery requirements, you can:

  • Improve machine efficiency
  • Reduce lead times
  • Cut manufacturing costs by minimizing inventory
  • Get real-time alerts on potential problems and fix them before they impact delivery
  • Respond quickly to customer requests with delivery estimates based on current capacity
  • Fill unused capacity with new sales opportunities
  • Decrease subcontract and outsourcing costs by maximizing equipment utilization
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