JobPack production scheduling, machine monitoring and analytics software - ERP

Be Smarter. Be Faster.

Efficiency Boosting

Enable scheduling and machine monitoring

JobPack's scheduling and machine monitoring software can boost the efficiency of your shop by uncovering bottlenecks, unlocking best practices, and unleashing your hidden potential. Our solution talks to your machines, integrates with your ERP data, and communicates with your people in real time to move your business forward.

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Improve shop floor efficiency and throughput

Imagine being able to visualize all the jobs in your shop, their interoperability, and potential clashes, all at once. Imagine being able to make business decisions based on that information to speed jobs, avoid bottlenecks, and stop utilization conflicts before they occur. This is what JobPack® brings to your shop.

Notifications speak volumes

Staying on top of your shop's machines, the jobs running on them, and the people who operate them is critical. Communicating the information you gather about the state of your shop is just as critical. JobPack® can automatically send notifications in your email, on your screen, or on big monitors throughout the shop. You set the trigger points, such as machine downtime, critical part inventory alerts, or work stoppages.

End the guessing

Time is money on the shop floor. The last thing you want to do is rely on static and imprecise spreadsheets to track productivity. With a spreadsheet, you are looking at a time slice that is outdated the moment it's printed. With the software's deep-dive reporting, you can confidently make informed adjustments to your processes, procedures, and staffing choices based on real-time data and metrics.

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