JobPack production scheduling, machine monitoring and analytics software - ERP

Be Smarter. Be Faster.

Shop-Wide Benefits

JobPack® works because it works for everyone

All levels of your organization will benefit from the highly adaptable, efficiency boosting scheduling and analytics of JobPack®. Our visually intuitive production scheduling solution will do more than make the plant and operations managers job easier, it will unleash the potential of your business. When integrated with your ERP system, the CEO will have greater insights, purchasing will make better decisions, and your IT staff won’t be burdened by additional tasks.

CEO/Owner on a computer
Owners and CEOs have greater operations insights

To make effective decisions about manufacturing execution, you need the right data at the right time. The spreadsheets and ledgers you have come to rely on can only take you so far. You might not even have exposure to the information that is the most important. Are jobs taking longer than they should? Where might you be losing money? Now you can know.

  • Increase on-time delivery by more than 15%
  • Utilize the mountain of data you already own to increase productivity
  • Run test-case scenarios to make executive decisions affecting marquee clients
Plant and Operations Managers on a computer
Plant and Operations Managers improve shop floor throughput

Current status, downtime reasons, root cause analysis of delays. These are the things that you focus on day-to-day, and JobPack® gives you more detail than you've ever had before. Your goal of boosting on-time percentages and shop floor efficiency, monitoring machines and their operators, and shrinking planned vs. actual disparity is JobPack's goal too.

  • Lower risk of disruption with side-by-side scheduling comparisons
  • Customize how you use your ERP data to tailor the results to your operations
  • Make adjustments based on the dynamics of machine/staff changes
Purchasing and Finance Managers on a computer
Purchasing and Finance Managers make more-informed decisions

You are tasked with budgeting, pricing, and inventory for your shop. JobPack® makes it easier and more precise by providing you with data you may have never had before: labor and setup costs, project vs. actual costs, and accurate inventory predictions. Providing just-in-time materials so you save on inventory costs is just one example of how you can be smarter and faster.

  • Make better decisions with enhanced pricing guidance and sales staff management data
  • Maintain just-in-time raw material inventory levels with advanced scheduling
  • Enhance month-end budgeting with a better visualization of projected vs. actual costs
IT Staff on a laptop computer
IT Staff stays focused on the business

You have enough to do on a daily basis to keep your shop's systems running smoothly, such as planned maintenance, updates, and break-fix. The last thing you want is a new system to install and manage. JobPack® engineers will do its software installation, integration, and administrative work for you while you concentrate on doing your job well.

  • What-if scenarios run in test-case mode, reversible without impacting the live environment
  • Easy server-to-server migration made possible by a straightforward admin process
  • Installed on the server with only shortcuts on shop desktop computers
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