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JobPack® Introduces JobFacts Cloud Reporting and Analytics

Published February 6th, 2017

JobPack® Production Scheduling Systems, a leader in providing MES solutions to small and medium sized manufacturing companies, is proud to announce the release of JobFacts™.

JobFacts™ is a web-based analytics program designed to integrate with your JobPack® Scheduler production data and can be further configured with your current ERP system to provide additional data across all platforms. With an easy to use control panel system, JobFacts™ allows you to name Key Performance Indicators and set their thresholds. Up-to-date information helps in spotting trends and reveals any performance issues allowing you to act quickly and run more efficiently. View your data at any time on any mobile device.

JobFacts™ provides KPI’s to reduce downtime by 17% at Meyn America

Initial testing and beta sites have proven to be extremely successful. Meyn America has expanded the use of the JobPack® Real Time Graphical Scheduling System and soon to implement JobFacts™ cloud-based analytics package to its sister plants in Poland and Holland. Georgia-based Meyn installed JobPack® Core in November of 2015 as an extension to their current Baan LN ERP system. Since going live in March of 2016, overtime working has been reduced by 8.5% and machine shop throughput has increased by 17%. On time deliveries are at 96%.

Fred Alexander, plant manager says, “Since we started with the JobPack® project, everyone’s confidence in delivery dates has greatly improved. And, as we don’t need to pad out times, we have used that spare capacity to improve the bottom line and reduced overtime working.”

The new installations will be on line in 2017 starting in February along with the software development for further integration into Baan LN to include material and tooling delivery notifications.

JobPack® Production Scheduling Systems has collaborated with Anviznet Analytics (JobFacts™) to provide a complete range of dashboards to view your live shop floor metrics from any device whether on or offsite.

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