JobPack production scheduling, machine monitoring and analytics software - ERP

Be Smarter. Be Faster.

Visually Intuitive

At-a-glance shop management

The software's graphical interface makes it easy to stay on top of manufacturing schedules, make course corrections, and work through multiple production scenarios. But don't let the simplicity of the visually intuitive software fool you. When you increase the visibility of each step of your manufacturing process — and collect data along the way — you take the guesswork out of your day-to-day operations.

Live Machine Status screen
Visibility is the key

Monitor all the machines in your shop on one screen, in real time. Keep a close watch on usage, downtime reasons, and other factors that directly impact the efficiency of your shop floor, just by looking at your computer.

Planning board screen
View production schedule scenarios in test mode

Say goodbye to clunky spreadsheets. With JobPack®, you can quickly schedule a potential job in test mode to uncover potential conflicts with existing job timeframes, machine assignments, and material needs. You can shuffle jobs, move timelines, and change priorities with no fear of interrupting the current live schedule. You simply cannot do that with a spreadsheet.

Screen of Pareto Chart analyzing downtime
Analytics to minimize machine downtime

You need more than just awareness that a machine is down. JobPack® provides at-a-glance data analytics so you can visually see the situation, evaluate the causes, address the problems, and move forward with solutions.

screen showing planned vs. actual production times
Information you didn't have before

At-a-glance reporting on data from your own ERP system, such as this Planned vs. Actual Production Times chart, gives you information that you didn't have before, with accuracy and precision.

color dots